What is the video production process?


Our process includes several specialized teams that work together to accurately communicate your story:

  1. When you make your submission, you will be contacted by a member of our video production team, who will be your point of contact throughout the process. At this stage, we may ask you for additional information, including original figure files, your own description of your study’s implications, the funder and institution to include in the credits, and contact information for your institutional press officer.
  2. Your article will be matched to a field-specific writer who will carefully read your article and write a draft of the summary script. The writer will also generate a comprehensive list of keywords, techniques, model systems, reagents, and equipment used in your study that can be used to tag the video once it is posted.
  3. We will send the script back to you for feedback on accuracy and scope. If changes are necessary, we will send the revised version back to you for approval.
  4. After the script is finalized, a member of our voice-over team will make an audio recording of the summary.
  5. A member of the animation team will then work with the writer to add notes to the script describing potential animations to accompany each part of the text.
  6. An animator will then produce your video, using illustrations, key images from your figures, and high-resolution photos and video clips to visually tell the story in the script.
  7. We will upload the video to a private link that you can access to provide feedback on the animation. We will then work with you on any requested adjustments to finalize the video.
  8. Once you have approved the video, we will post it on YouTube, tag it with relevant keywords to enhance its discoverability, and add citation information and a link to the full article.
  9. We will return a summary document containing the written summary, keyword list, video links, download instructions, and tips for disseminating the video and tracking article success.
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