Do you edit LaTeX documents?


AJE now supports direct editing of LaTeX files in all areas of study.

To submit a manuscript for editing directly in LaTeX:

  1. Submit your work for editing.
  2. Upload your LaTeX file in the document upload section of the process.
  3. Upload any related dependency files that we would need to compile your LaTeX file (e.g., figures, .sty, .cls, .bib, .pdf etc.) as reference files.

Please note: Only manuscripts written in English are eligible for direct editing in LaTeX. Changes will not be tracked within the edited LaTeX files themselves. If possible, we will generate a compiled PDF of the file showing the changes that have been made to your document. If you wish to see your changes tracked within the same document, please convert your file to another format. To do this, save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file before submitting it for editing. In this case, we also ask that you include a PDF of your manuscript that can be used as a reference.

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