How do I get free re-editing for my Premium order?


If you have purchased Premium Editing, we will re-edit your manuscript for free until it has been published. 

To submit your manuscript for a free re-edit:

1. Log into your AJE account at



2. On the "My Orders" page, find the order related to the paper that you need re-edited. Orders are listed based on their completion date. Click on the words "submit for a free re-edit".



3. On the next page, you can upload your revised manuscript, request a rush deadline for a fee, and select the reason for the re-edit. Other files that we will edit for free with your revised manuscript include the following, which must be uploaded with the manuscript:

  • Any written responses to the reviewers for this paper
  • Your journal cover letter for this paper

4. Once you have answered the questions and uploaded your files, click on the green Submit button. A confirmation box will then appear with the deadline for your free re-edit.

Note that if you previously purchased Manuscript Formatting with Premium Editing for your paper, we will also reformat your paper for free if requested.

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