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Update for July:

Our sister company, Research Square, is now offering research promotion services. These services can help your paper get noticed and cited. The services offered are described here https://www.aje.com/services/research-promotion/.

Update for June:

Authors have asked for advice on the organization of their manuscript and ways to improve. We are proud to offer three new services from our partners at Nature Research Editing Services to help customers looking for more personalized feedback on their paper. These services are designed to provide top-quality developmental editing and advice on manuscripts and grant applications in the natural sciences (medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences) and engineering. 

For more information, please visit https://www.aje.com/services/scientific-editing/#service-compare-table.

Update for April:

We appreciate all the kind words from our wonderful customers during these hard times. AJE is here to continue to support you. At this time, our business has not been disrupted by COVID-19, and all our employees are able to work remotely.

We have added an article about our COVID-19 status that we will update should anything change.

Additionally, we now offer email support in Korean! We still can also be reached by chat or email and respond in English, Chinese, Spanish, or Portuguese. Please let us know how we can help!

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